Porthos Consulting : Your Board of Advisors Source


At Porthos Consulting, we help our portfolio companies tackle their most challenging sales, marketing, product management, strategic planning, and fundraising issues. In everything that we do, we focus on a single goal: to maximize your business success.

We work only with early stage companies and we never accept cash paymentsfor our efforts. We do this by being a part of your Board of Advisors

We are Board of Advisor Experts and take all of our direct compensation in the form of equity. We are very selective with the companies that we get involved with because we bet all of our energies and knowledge on the companies we are involved with.

When Porthos Consulting becomes involved with a company you get the weight of the entire team to act as members of your Board of Advisors. This is like getting an entire team for the equity you would usually give to just one person. The Porthos Team can cover all business areas any emerging company and have the decades of experience to instantly bring benefit to any organization. We are currently actively helping many developing companies in and out of a variety of technology arenas.