Our Philosophy: Focus On Results

In today’s business world, you’re being asked to deliver more results with fewer resources, especially in sales and marketing. You can’t afford the management overhead to outsource tasks to companies that don’t understand how the different functions in your business relate.

Porthos understands your situation, because we’ve been there. We understandall the aspects of a business, from sales to finance. We know that you needswift results, not jargon or PowerPoint presentations. We know that you need a custom solution, not a one-size fits all template. Porthos works with your staff to find solutions that are in sync with your actual requirements and resources and meet or exceed your expectations.

Our consultants realize that you and your employees are a vital part of the solutions they develop. They enjoy, and encourage, sharing technical knowledge and experience. Perhaps that’s why several of our consultants also spend their time teaching college-level courses, writing magazine articles, and speaking at conferences and conventions.

Another key component to our consulting philosophy is that a portion of our compensation is always related to the successful results of our work. We don’t just offer advice, we work towards our client’s corporate objectives.

At Porthos, we pass along old-fashioned common sense, not hype and mystery. You won’t see a lot of smoke and mirrors. You won’t hear a lot of high-tech jargon. Our consultants are real people with real knowledge and experience solving real problems.