Board Of Advisors Contributors

From healthcare IT to CRM, Porthos has planned, implemented, and maintained solutions for many emerging companies over the last decade. Companies ranging from startups to emerging market leaders.

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Porthos becomes an important part of your extended management team and takes a vested interest in your success. Our professionals have a proven history of producing results in all of the business areas of a company:

  • Sales
  • Product Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Business Planning


The key to building a profitable business is increasing revenues while holding down the cost of sales. The problem is that few companies have the expertise or knowledge to effectively implement effective technology sales organizations.

At Porthos Consulting, our partners are technology sales experts. We have planned, built, and managed some of the largest and most effective sales organizations in the world. And we will bring that “outside-the-box” thinking to your business.

At Porthos, we work with each portfolio company to understand and evaluate its specific environment and needs. Then we help the portfolio company build a solid foundation for the future with measurable, results-oriented development, strategy, and consulting programs.

Product Marketing

Disciplined marketing is essential for all businesses. Porthos gives its portfolio companies executive-level marketing expertise and a sales- and numbers-oriented approach. We will use our methodologies, experience, and knowledge to increase revenues and maximize profits, not just awareness and branding.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Defining and pricing new or existing products and services
  • Creating and managing new distribution channels and partnerships
  • Reviewing, recommending, and implementing tracking and database software for all marketing operations
  • Researching, recommending, and building referral or affiliate programs
  • Developing structured plans to manage all marketing activities
  • Calculating and managing ROI for marketing programs

Porthos can enhance a client’s existing marketing efforts, or serve as a virtual marketing department.


Want a successful business plan? Porthos partners and associates have built many successful businesses. From technology companies to real estate development and from health care to hardware manufacturing, we have developed business models and operating plans that work. Want to raise money? Our partners have raised millions of dollars of venture financing. Want a disciplined approach? We follow a strict and proven methodology, based on the classic models of Harvard Business School. The key to raising financing for an emerging company is having the correct contacts to get the audience you need at leading venture capital firms. Porthos’ Partners haveestablished relationships with venture firms from Boston to Florida and from New York to Silicon Valley. If we are on your Board of Advisors, Porthos will bring those contacts to you.

Business Planning

Porthos can deliver detailed analysis and planning for all the key areas of your business plan:

  • Concise and effective executive summary development
  • Competitive analysis and research
  • Sales channel analysis and research
  • Financial analysis and modeling

Porthos can help guide you to having a manageable and effective business plan to manage, grow, or fund your company in many different markets.